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ST Patrick's Day Party featuring CHASE THE BEAR & DJ Enevold @ The Kal Bar



Sat, Mar 17th, 2018


9:00 pm


I cannot explain to you folks just how 🍀LUCKY we all are to host this new rising Vintage Rock band, with influences of ALL of the Greats, into their own new sound.

This band portrays the vibe that will be no doubt bring back what has been somewhat lost in the world of music as we know today.
Ladies and Gentlemen... CHASE THE BEAR band will Entertain You, Charm you, and even give you flashbacks xo with their very own 🎶 Musical Magic!!

1 am to 2 am - Closing the Night off with

DJ Enevold
Drawing on his Scandinavian roots and musical background as a self-taught instrumentalist, Zach Taralson the creator/producer/performer going under the name Enevold brings a banquet of sound to the music world with everything from the hard-hitting electro house single “Escape Flight” to the free-flowing ethereal piano and strings of “The End”.
Enevold has undergone the trials by fire path, solidifying what is now a more mature production of high quality, danceable, emotional, ambient, and fun music.


The Kal Bar

3004 30 Avenue, Vernon


$5 Cover

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