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A Morning with an Inventor Workshop Tours



Sat, Jul 14th, 2018


10:00 am


Local inventor, Garry Garbutt, is eager to open the doors to his workshop again to the curiously minded, aged 8 to 108 for “A Morning with an Inventor Workshop Tours”.

Included is an active display of Garry’s own creations, as well as some resurrected scientific demonstrators from the 1930’s to 1950’s, many of which were inherited from Kelowna resident Bill Allen. One of Garry’s newest recreations is a spark-gap transmitter. Some other fascinating inventions on his workshop tour include a Wilmshurst machine, Jacob’s ladder and a Crooke’s tube, as well as a tesla coil demonstration that’s always a hit! “A morning with an Inventor” is part of the award-winning Field School Series hosted by the Greater Vernon Museum & Archives who are teaming up with local businesses, organizations, and experts who have “historic skills.” Garry is opening up his workshop for five dates this year, running daily from 10am to 11am Wednesday July 11th through to Sunday July 15th. Due to the limited space available in his workshop, tours can accommodate a maximum of six people. Tickets must be purchased in advance at the Vernon Museum. Cost is $10/person. For more information call (250) 542-3142 visit or find us on facebook.


Greater Vernon Museum & Archives

3009 32nd Ave, Vernon


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