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Over the Rainbow



Tue, Feb 2nd, 2021 to Sat, Feb 27th, 2021


7:00 pm to 00:00:01


Our main gallery hosts the art of local artists, Penny Ketola, Linda Sellers and Judy Templeton, in an exhibit entitled Over the Rainbow. We will be holding an online opening reception through Zoom. Information can be found on our Facebook page under Events.

You may join us but we caution that spacing is limited and should you not be able to join us, a recording will be posted on our website after the event.

Watercolour painting has come a long way and these artists feel they are only scratching the surface of the amazing ideas that exist. The artists have each presented installations that show their process of creating a watercolor painting. These installations display reference photos, notans, value studies, colour studies, sketches, and the process of printmaking. Penny, Linda and Judy hope that viewers will glean their creative process from those displays.

Penny, Linda and Judy believe art can transport a person, OVER THE RAINBOW… where adventure lies around every corner. “Each painting is an adventure, a journey to another place, a place where time can stand still and creativity takes over… somewhere over the rainbow.”

The exhibit is a display of experimentation with colour, texture, watercolour mediums, and combining watercolour with printmaking techniques. There are works of art ranging from realistic to non-objective and anything in-between. We invite guests to view the show as we travel Over the Rainbow.


Gallery Vertigo

2800 30th Avenue, Vernon


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