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ELECTRONICS CLUB - For Children (Weekend Session)



Sat, May 8th, 2021


6:00 pm to 00:00:01


1 hour session every weekend on Electronics during weekends (delivered through Zoom). Each weekly session will have unique content and will build on the knowledge from the previous sessions.

How to Book: Please click on any date to register your child on all the sessions of the weekly program throughout. Once you have registered your child, I will email you the Zoom joining link details. For contact details and also to join the Telegram Group, please see the bottom of this page. About Program: As an initiative during the pandemic, the Electronics Club is a free-to-attend, weekly program for British children, however kids from other countries are also encouraged to join in, for no cost. For countries where the time zone does not suit the above schedule, we will share recordings and also provide additional Live sessions to their convenience so they can also participate Live. Some pointers about the program: Electronics - part of Physics is all about controlling electrical current or electricity. The educational program has been designed in a way that will introduce the kids to the incredible world of electronics in a fun way about learning elements that are included in KS2 British curriculum, and going forward into KS3 and beyond. Electronics can get complex with advanced circuits, but the basics and fundamentals can be cultivated much early into the young minds so they can get a head start over others. Also the knowledge and a continuous learning would set them apart from others in their cohort. The Electronics Club program would focus on the bottom-up approach, and therefore would start with explaining the very basics like electrons, electricity, charge, current, AC/DC, voltage, components, symbols, definitions, formulae, etc.

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