The Raptors - Encounters



Thu, Aug 25th, 2022 to Thu, Sep 1st, 2022


9:00 am to 12:00 am


Birds of prey have captivated humankind for generations. Often symbols of power, majesty and strength, raptors reign supreme in the skies with the ability to silently ambush the unsuspecting. Their only vulnerability: human influence.

The Raptors “bring people closer to birds of prey, to educate, illuminate and inspire a sense of personal responsibility for the future of both birds of prey and the planet.”

Two different presentations are available:

Close intimate interaction with the raptors and their handlers. Limited to 6 people (ages 8 and up).

Four scheduling options per day and tickets are $97.25 per person.

includes the Demonstration

The DEMONSTRATION-- No direct interaction with the raptor birds. Large group of participants, educational and observational only with “Festival Seating”. Two scheduling options per day.

The Raptors is an organization dedicated to inspiring conservation and protecting wildlife species. Demos include the raptors showing off their amazing flight skills as their handlers narrate and engage with visitors, discussing raptor ecology and conservation actions. Meet these majestic birds and learn what we can do to help them thrive in our natural world! The Raptors will be onsite for only 8 days, Wednesday August 25 – Thursday, September 1, for daily flight demonstrations in a group setting (approximately 45 mins), and up-close and personal encounters (approximately 1 hour). The Raptors travel all the way from their home in Duncan BC to come to the Okanagan, so do not miss the chance to connect with them at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre.


 Allan Brooks Nature Centre

250 Allan Brooks Way, Vernon


Ages 8 & Up $97.25 *includes all fees and tax Must be 8 years old or older.

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